Graphic and contemporary.

Pinned-In earrings feature heat-formed sterling rivets 'pinning' three free-floating circles in their space. They are hung from handcrafted, hammered and also pinned earwires. Together these elements create graphic, modern art for your ears.


While they have enough weight to give them a bit of movement, they are comfortable enough for all day.


All components handcrafted and sterling silver.

Pinned In Earrings are 2.25"/5.7cm in total length - from top of earwire down. The large circle is 1.125"/2.8cm across. Rubber earring backings will be provided.


Please note that the earwires on these earrings are created from 18 gauge wire. It is slightly thicker than a standard earwire. Most people have no problem with them. However, if you have very small or sensitive earring holes, they may be too much for you. Do contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

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Pinned In Circle Earrings