Persie Earrings are created from handcrafted round links of heavier gauge sterling in descending sizes. The organic almost floral feel of these earrings comes from the individual torchwork and hammering of each link. A unique earwire completes the package! Polished to a high shine, these earrings are definitively modern. 

Persie Earrings hang a total of 2" (5cm). All sterling silver.

Please note that the earwires are created from 18 gauge wire. It is slightly thicker than a standard earwire. Most people have no problem with them. However, if you have very small or sensitive earring holes, they may be too much for you. Do contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Please allow several days for fabrication and shipping.
Free domestic shipping (within the U.S.) included with this item.

Persie Earrings