Ultra modern with an organic leaning. Like tiny kinetic sculptures for your ears. The main element is a striking arc of heavy gauge silver which visually bisects a circle hanging behind it. It hangs from a smaller loop and is connected to the unique arcing earwire, which pierces the large circle. It all works together to create unique artwear earrings.

Arcly Earrings will be a stunning addition to any collection.


The main arc is approximately 1 1/8" /2.9cm long. These earrings measure a total of 1.75" (45mm) long. Rubber earring backings will be included.

All sterling silver.


Please note that the earwires of these earrings are created from 18 gauge wire. It is slightly thicker than a standard earwire. Most people have no problem with them. However, if you have very small or sensitive earring holes, they may be too much for you. Do contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Arcly Sterling Silver Arc and Circle Dangle Artwear Earrings